Thursday, July 19, 2012

chez tarabu - baby it's HOT outside!

If you've not noticed, I live in a bit of a backwater.  We don't have sidewalks, but I do have peach trees and hens.  

We had a recorded high of 99F yesterday and about the same the day before, with heat indexes in the triple digits.  None of which was good news for my backyard flock:

In addition to some frozen watermelon ends and pineapple cores I had been saving for this, they also got large blocks of ice in their water bowls, ensuring they would have plenty of water throughout the hot day.  One of them was tucked in the shade of their chamomile forest:

Even broody Brigitte got a bottle of frozen water by her side to help keep her cool in the coop.  Honestly, I don't know why she cannot go Broody in March when she's not at risk for heatstroke with not eating or drinking much for weeks:

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