Tuesday, July 17, 2012


The tall ships came to town a month ago and I completely forgot to post the photos! So here goes:
Trim coast guard vessel from Japan - we didn't get to board this one, so I didn't get to ask which side of Japan was their home port or how many thousands of gallons of diesel it took to get to Baltimore.

Dewarucci from India - could you imagine being in the Naval Academy and your first duty was sailing a classic masted vessel around the world?

Bom dia!  Cisne Brava - the best music in port came off the Brazilian ship.  Go figure.

And on the way out we saw a couple having bridal pictures taken in a parking garage.  Of all the legitimate beauty spots in Baltimore where you could have your wedding photos taken, why a garage?  I like to imagine there was some sweetly romantic story behind it - like she came back from yet another awful internet dating site date to find a flat battery and he, local monthly passholder and garage hero, gave her a jumpstart.

And this . . . It wasn't that hot this day and I wondered why the chlorine didn't burn the duck's feet . . .

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