Friday, July 20, 2012

Finish it Up! Friday, July 20

I finally finished those two legacy tops that have been knocking around.  It's funny, when I break a needle while quilting my own tops I check my tension (machine and personal), review when I last took a break or ate something and generally look for all the faults in my sewing process.  When I break a needle on a reclaimed UFO, I wonder if the late quilter doesn't like the quilting pattern chosen for her top.  I'm glad to say I didn't break a needle on either of these, so I'm pretty sure the quilter in question likes my work:  

We're all lucky I'm not the kind of spiritualist who actually talks to the deceased, because I'd never get anything done what with asking all about raising kids forty or sixty years ago and whether they really ate that bacon-pimento cheese spread I see in the old adverts. 

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