By day I work for Penguin Random House - don't get too excited, I'm not in marketing and can't send you free books or swag, and I'm not in editing  and can't get you published.  I do, however, have an excess of books that will be reviewed in my periodic bookshelf posts and occasionally given away to readers by random comment selection.

By night I read, write, quilt, draw, and otherwise pursue creative and social endeavours.

**tarabu's arbitrary book rating system**
5 stars - I will speak about this book with jazz hands at any faintly appropriate opportunity, possibly making my audience uncomfortable with the fervor of my evangelical urging, and buy (possibly multiple) copies for people who I feel *need* to read it
4 stars - I will speak about this book with jazz hands, at length, given the slightest pretense of relevance to any conversation and urge those friends who I think would truly enjoy it to rush out and get a copy
3 stars - I enjoyed this book, will share with people for whom it seems relevant, and probably weigh out what I consider it's pros and cons, including if it is not for me, but I think it might be great for someone else
2 stars - I didn't enjoy this book, I may be sorry I read it, and cannot figure out who among my reading friends might enjoy it
1 star - I regret this book was published (what Mrs. King would call 'bad trash').  I have yet to read a 1-star book.

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