Friday, July 27, 2012

Finish it Up Friday! July 27

By the time a couple makes the leap to marriage, they have gone through all manner of changes.  They, quite necessarily, have a lot less 'me' time and a lot more 'us' time.  It's a journey that often involes giving up more than just impromptu nights out with their mates - sometimes the romantic journey involves moving house, giving up a car, or in the case of some men, parting with part or all of their t-shirt collection.

Let's face it gents, when it comes to tacky, ridiculous and downright inappropriate keepsake clothing, you have us beat by a good eighty yards.

You know where this is headed, don't you?  Because not wearing your worst t-shirts doesn't always mean turning them into dusters.  Enter, the bachelor quilt:

Yup, ladies - you can sleep peacefully knowing none of your friends will ever see him advertising meat market bars or his bachelor night; and gents - you can watch movies in your freezing basement man cave with your favourite memories literally keeping you warm.  The sample above was made with 9 tees (more than nine square feet of memories), and measures 40" on each side. 

So what have you finished this week?  Post your links here:

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