Monday, August 13, 2012

Mailbox full of goodies!

My latest bundle of goodness from Jenni arrived the other day:

Not only does she include the specialty backing and binding for her quilts, every box includes a bar or three of luscious soap
I have the benefit not only of being clean, but also smelling lovely orange spice all while I work on her quilts.

Besides being delightful in their own right, they are so, so, SO, very much better than opening a box that smells like lavender mothballs from the top shelf of Aunt Hattie's closet!

1 comment:

Jenni~ Lana Bella said...

Just seeing this now! Glad you are amused by my binding making. They are relaxing to me! Wait until you see the insane one I made for the impromptu quilt!

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