Sunday, April 3, 2011

Ev's Bento Quilt

I finally finished Evelyn's Bento Box quilt. I was supposed to deliver it last weekend, but my Boo was not well, and I was not about to take a sickie out in public with an awesome little one and wind up with her having a head cold, too. Sadly, that means I only got to talk to her on the phone, which about broke my heart because she's adorable, but happily, I got an etra day in the sun to take a decent picture: Cupcakes and purple borders alternate with cherries and sprinkles with pink. Because it's approaching summer here in the mid-Atlantic, her mom picked the summer weight, without batting, just a light flannel lining. So it's topstitched between the blocks and will make an excellent draft-blocker for those afternoon naps at daycare.


namoo said...

It is so pretty! Love the "bento" pattern too. I am so tempted to try something like this!

tarabu said...

Bentos are fun - especially if you're not quite as type A with your rectangles as I try to be and go wild with colour blocking.

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