Thursday, January 7, 2010

should I be happy?

Should I be happy or mad?

Mad I should!

Okay, so tarabu's in a bad mood, I'm feeling a little stabby at the world, a feeling that has just exploded all over my pit with the realization that Rosie O'Donnell sells mixed medial hoohaas on Etsy.

I am angry.

I am going to go finish folding the mountain of laundry that appeared on my bed, then I will stay up way too late working on a quilt top.

I may also need an extra strong cup of coffee when I wake up tomorrow morning to shovel the driveway after staying up to late tonight.

I am less angry as I ponder the potential wonder that may be this year's artomatic. I am planning for mixed media this year - not free postcards stolen from a public loo with fimo and nails, but something much larger, textural and no plexiglass.

Now I'm all squishy, inspired and full of useful adrenaline instead of destructo-lust. I love artomatic.

I guess I should be saying 'Thanks, Ro-Do'

but I won't


mrsb said...

At least the money she gets goes to a good cause. Not sure what exactly they are, lol, but if they support a kid's charity, I guess it can't be all bad!

tarabu said...

One of my great pet peeves is when people buy something to show off that they supported a charity - when it would never have occurred to them to give the charity the equialent of a car payment, except they wanted this or that tchochke.

I give a portion of all my sales to a variety of charities, but I'm sure people aren't buying my stuff just so they can get the warm and fuzzy of knowing they are supporting sick kids or homeless moms.

Although, with my impending unemployment, I may be keeping all of my sales for the next few months! :-0

mrsb said...

Oh I think people are buying HER stuff because they can show it off and say "Hey, look, Rosie made this!". It's not about giving to a charity for those people.

I just like that fact that Rosie is willing to take advantage of that type of person to help support causes. She's always been very supportive of kids and kid charities.

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