Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I didn't mean to take the week off, it just kind of happened.

Personally, I have nothing new to share - my camera died a few weekss ago and the idea of spending an hour in my poorly organized digital photo files to find some old snaps of paintings or sketches or what not makes me want to grab a cup of tea and crawl back under the coverswith a book.

Speaking of books, I am currently reading The Lost City of Z by David Grann.

I highly recommend it - not only is he one of the many journalists who writes history better than an historian (something about objectivity - a skill that both historians and journalists no longer seem to be trained to use - must have been dropped from the curriculum in the last fifteen years) but it's a grand adventure and it reminds us how often what is known to be true by the scientific establishment is so often wrong.

It reminds me not only how grateful I am to live in an age of reliable indoor plumbing, but how lucky I am not to literally fight for survival every day. I have reasonably available food, free-flowing clean water and a safe, dry bed, where I can go to sleep every night certain I will wake up without a sting from some insect whose venom will kill me.


mrsb said...

Just stopping by to say hello! Hope the new year is treating you well so far! =)

I'm so badly behind in catching up with folks on their blogs, please forgive me!

tarabu said...

I'm with you - and I wasn't even sick - I just somehow managed to take a week off!

I'm looking forward to next month's retro food month - with any luck my allowance will have swelled enough to buy the Panasonic Lumix my heart itches for so that I can take new pictures of my cooking!

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