Tuesday, August 25, 2009

New Gimmick

Jedi Sidewalker made a clever observation on his blog recently, that the most successful blogs all have an adorable pet or familiar that follow them around, increase the 'awwww' factor and keep readers looking out for their adventures.

Now I, personally, am not above a gimmick to draw and keep readers. MrsB has Tanner, CrazyMom has her nearly endless stash, and I have Iggy.

My long-term readers (hi, sis!) may remember Iggy, and the half hour when I thought I might sell him, and my firls may well remember his adventures in trying to have his own book. Now, he will have a career inhabiting my blog - his first adventure arrives tomorrow.


Marlene said...

Looking forward to meeting Iggy and seeing what an iggy is.

mrsb said...

I'm not sure I have Tanner as much as Tanner has me....

I can't wait to meet Iggy!

MarZel said...

Bridget is a huge part of my life... and a ever present subject of my photography. It was inevitable that she has become a part of my blog. Does she add magic and charm...yes, for those who like her! But, I truely do not think people follow because of her. Many of my followers came to me because of reccommendations from other bloggers... for which I am and will remain sincerely honored. I would like to think that Bridget plus some other things I do on my blog mix into a magic that attracts the right people. I hope Iggy becomes the first of your magical tools for your blog!!

mrsb said...

Lol, I know that there are people on my blog who ONLY follow to check out Tanner pictures, lol!

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