Thursday, February 12, 2009

Wool Thumb Creations - a new shop worth clicking out

I think I have a new girlcrush.
You may have noticed that part of the deal in my shop is that everything is a limited edition (because I have a limited attention span) and you are never going to find more than ten of any item. I may make twenty or thirty of something for craft fairs, but generally I make a handful of something and come back to a similar project weeks or months later with new eyes and new embellishments. The result is a shop full of all manner of things - not like Dotty who makes pincushions, or Rebecca who twirls wire or Miscelena who makes paper. All of their shops can be described by one thing because they have found something they do well and have focussed on it, and I respect that dedication, but I've got too many penguins in the brain* to focus for that long.

So it is always refreshing to pop into the virtual shop of another artist, like WoolThumb Creations (also known as artstudioshanti) who does the same thing. I like to imagine that everyone else has bins and boxes of not only unfinished objects, but types of projects.

Like these:

I have a huge bin full of boxes of beads, many of which get turned in to things that never wind up for sale in my shop.

I love finding things made from recycled thrift store sweaters. You see, I love wet-felting old sweaters and turning them into dolls and library bags, but somehow they never seem to leave my house.

And I do not collect pincushions, but hedgehogs like Missy might just send me scurrying over the edge.
Actually, upon further reflection, I think my girlcrush is intimidating me into putting more stuff up for sale instead of hoarding it on a shelf so I can think 'I made that - I am so cool' every time I walk past.
*and if you know what that means, you are one cool frood who knows where your towel is.

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