Friday, February 13, 2009

Shop Live - in Baltimore!

It's Friday! Hup, hup!
Today is also the day I am taking another box full of goodies down to the Woman's Industrial Exchange in downtown Baltimore. Goodies like these - repurposed vinyl serving trays (do not yell at me - you were not going to listen to the original soundtrack of Hold On! starring Herman's Hermits, either), coffee sleeves and purses.

Remember that when you shop at The Exchange more than half of the proceeds go back to the artist, and the rest goes to supporting the exchange itself, providing a valuable, relaxed, totally non-intimidating space for starting and experienced artisans to showcase their wares.
There is also a monthly trunk show featuring an individual artist and a craft night where you might get that UFO finished.

The Exchange is located at 333 North Charles Street, and looks like this:

There is also a very cute basement shop that used to house an estate jeweller (long ago) and is now available for lease, if you are looking for a shop with a creperie upstairs and Mick O'shea's across the street (seriously, you'd never have to bring lunch or dinner and you would always be broke, but that would be a fun life if you are into hip urban activities.) If my credit score were something higher than 320, I would find a small business loan and pull that off myself.

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Walk in the Woods said...

Looks like a cool place to show *and* shop!

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