Wednesday, February 11, 2009

tinaseamonster - seamonsters and zombies

It is time to carry my zombie-love a little farther. I feel safe posting here that I purchased my beloved a Mr. Z Valentine's card because I happen to know he doesn't read this blog. I *heart* tinaseamonster's work in a big, fat, silly, doofy way.
Especially Mr. Z.
If I had a baby, I would buy one of those t-shirts (which are being discontinued, snatch one up now!)

And if you are thinking you have totally missed out on sending a hip seamonster Valentine, click the links - they will take you to your chance to purchase a crystal clear pdf of the image of your choosing.

But Wait, there's more:
There's a blog, with a fabulous Valentine's 'Conversation Heart' sculpture of a heart and a gut-wrenching reminder to actually converse with those you love (and not on Facebook, either, but pick up the phone, dammit) as well as some fun art and ramblings

There's a podcast, although I still do not participate in the multi-media aspects of ye olde interwebs any farther than listening to the radio via my computer, so I cannot speak for it's content (but I bet you a dollar it's fun.)

And there's the multi-talented (multi-authored) blog/tutorial/events calendar/source of goodness: HelloCraft!
The gist: zombies make good art, good crafts, and happy good times. Okay, maybe not the 'happy good times,' but definitely zombies make good art.

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