Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Rocky the Zombie

I like purple. A lot. I also like stick figures and similar simple line drawings. I also like zombies and cartoon vampires and werewolves. So you can imagine my joy when I did an internet search for 'purple zombie' and discovered RockyTheZombie.

They are so sweet and romantic - how can you grumble when a cute little dead person is given a bouquet of balloons to another cute little dead person? Any of these would make a fabulous Valentine's present - even the one with the broken heart; except that is the one you give to one of your mates when they've just added a new 'ex' to their list of loves.

And for further zombies in the media, please click here.

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Walk in the Woods said...

These *ARE* wonderful! Thank you for sharing Rocky the Zombie's work with us! Thanks too for stopping by my blog and entering my give-away!


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