Monday, February 23, 2009

Party Gear

I do not know anyone who is getting married this year (at least I do not think I do!) so I do not have anything to dress up for.

That does not mean I am not looking. If I had an event that required something not currently in my closet I would wear something like this:

To start, a black and red polka dot dress from ZombieDolls. Flattering neckline and full circle skirt, custom-made from $90.

To keep warm in the evening, a vintage bolero from Artifactory. At only $10 it may well wind up in my closet without an event planned.

For $20 my glossy brown locks should be decorously untamed by a lovely black rose and feather hairpiece from MsChrista.

And for my toes: a $15 pair of vintage pumps from AngiesCloset. Perhaps not the sexies pair of shoes, but attractive and easy to dance in!

That makes a grand total of $135 for an outfit anchored on a custom dress with all the comforts of dancing all night. Not bad.

1 comment:

Ophelia Miller Boutique said...

Your outfit will be a hit!!! I hope you find that special occasion soon!!! I love love love that polka dot dress!!!!!

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