Tuesday, February 24, 2009

NovemberAir - Luxury on Sale

Sometimes even luxury goods go on sale - especially when they are very seasonal. Such is the case with the current November Air Sale. Reflecting discounts of 20-40%, most of the shop is currently on sale, offerring some great deals on winter accessories. When you've finally accepted the damp groundhog was right, and you realize you really have lost your favourite scarf on the train or in a cab, well now's as good a time as any to pick up another. Or possibly two.

Let's begin,

There are several scarves in this style in the shop right now, but this is my favourite colour pairing. It's somehow a sophisticated country palette that I adore. Currently on offer for $20.

The very subtle variations of this scarf do not scream spring - quite frankly they do not scream anything, but sometimes, you just want something fat, soft, and warm, and maybe a little subtle, too. Currently listed at $21, click the image to purchase.

Hey, that's Julia! Hi, Julia! And she's modeling the most affordable piece I am going to recommend - a great, cozy coffee-n-biscuits neckwarmer. At only $18.40, I am sorely tempted to pick one up for me. I adore neckwarmers (they button, see, so the wind doesn't unwind your ends) and I adore those two colors together. Yum.

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