Monday, February 23, 2009

Original - Affordable - What're YOU Lookin' At?

I am a big fan of useful things - I like gifts that serve a purpose. I also like to have the occasional object on the shelf that makes people do a double-take. Like my (replica) skull pencil holder or my lynx jawbone.


I am going to start with a vintage woman's shoe mold from the interwar period, offered by MLO Artwear. This would look particularly well on a birch or beech wood shelf, or set off on a dark shelf by a crisp linen napkin.


My next suggestion is a ceramic insulator from AtticEclectic. I am partial to these, in ceramics and glass, because we have them all over the house. One of my uncles was an electric company linesman for a lifetime and as these were phased out from active service, he would bring them home instead of sending them to the tip.

They are also great fun at parties when you have to explain to people under the age of thirty that electricity was not always carried through thickly insulated cables, but once came through live wires that had to be buffered from the wood and metal of the thickly tarred poles (otherwise everyone who tacked up a 'Lost Dog' sign would have been electrocuted.


RetroThreads offers this absolutely terrible pair of fabric covered trinket boxes. They are so horrible, I cannot help but adore them.

I want that fabric for an ottoman - or at least a floor pouf.

Actually, I suppose this satisfies both my desire to have something useful - after all they are storage boxes - and to have something that makes people stop and stare.


Walk in the Woods said...

My goodness - what a BEAUTIFUL shoe mold!

tarabu said...

Every time I look at it I cannot imagine wedging my heel into that tiny little heel section!

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