Friday, January 23, 2009

. . . mmmm . . .. Bacon

As a person who's not a vegetarian (but who doesn't eat land animals) I can tell you that the one thing I'm likely to fall of the wagon for, is bacon. Especially really thick-sliced, maple-syrup rubbed, hardwood smoked, baked slowly until really crispy bacon - the kind that if you lay it on an edge will stand up on it's own.

Well I'm not getting that, because I love me and love my family and don't want to have a stroke, and I know just one wouldn't kill me, but there's a lot more than one in that package and it becomes a slippery slope down to buying it every month.

But what's the solution? well, there isn't one, really, unless you're one of my loving family and want to give me bacon without giving me heart disease.


The Bacon Bouquet.

Isn't that right up there at the top of your list for charming dorkery gifts? If I were romantically involved with my girlfriend who has a bacon print wallet (uh-huh, you heard me) I'd get her one, but I don't know if her fiancee would approve.

At $25 for six strips (that's three servings in a custom paper cone) it's a charming way to say I love you - order by Feb 1 for Valentine's Delivery.

Click on the picture for a link to the sale site or visit

and don't forget to visit my contest page here for a chance to win a gift certificate to tarabu or tarabustash!

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