Thursday, January 22, 2009

Jennifer Maestre - frickin' awesome

So, I wrote a little while back about how I excel at wasting time on the internet - I mean, what else am I supposed to do with my un-gainfully-employed self? And I was directed, via the filtering service known as the Etsy Treasury, to JenMaestre via this pendant:

And I looked at it and I though 'Eh, whatever. I mean it's clever and how does she do it, but it doesn't inspire the kind of lust that makes me wish for a bigger allowance. What else has she got?'

And then I discovered this:

I'm not just geeking poetic because I love sea urchins (although I do) - there's just something so unbeleivably cool about a little lump of points. If I could see more than one square inch of my desk at a time, I'd seriously think about getting one (well, space and my allowance are both issues).

Her portfolio website at is filled with even more incredible pieces, pieces whose little thumbnails don't do them justice, especially the hive - which you totall want to stick your hand into even though you know you shouldn't!
I don't even have a window sill clean to put an urchin on. Maybe this will inspire me to get organized (and that's some potent sculpture that can accomplish that feat!)

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