Sunday, January 25, 2009

Pink Poodle Vintage - bringing all good things back around

Sometimes I see something from twenty years ago and think - 'That's Perfect!' Perfect for today anyway. Today's 'That's Perfect' was brought to me by Pink Poodle Vintage. I love the browsing of vintage shops, to see and feel and share in things that have been rescued from obscurity - to share the love of an object from years gone by. In addition to fabulous clothing, handbags and housewares, Pink Poodle brings us this charming Valentine card:

Would you believe this card is over 60 years old?
With the caption "My Flickers are still flicking an' my clickers still are clickin' " this could have been written yesterday for any of us computer junkies hooked on the Flickr! Even better, this vintage card comes with it's vintage envelope (now, if only the Post Office would offer us vintage mailing rates!)
Head on over to Pink Poodle's Shop and snatch this up before I do!

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