Sunday, February 23, 2014

Good Morning!

Actually, it's barely still morning, but I'm feeling very cheerful and proud of myself.  Proud of myself because I have some new projects to add to this sorely neglected page and cheerful because we've had four nights (4!) in a row where the low has not dropped below freezing.  Honestly, my hens are more than tickled with themselves.

As far as the accomplishments go, we have:

T-Shirt Dresses for my nieces, which all looked something like this:

I used the instructions in 'Sew Pretty T-Shirt Dresses', which includes all manner of tips for those of us who don't think we work well in three dimensions, as well as size guidelines for skirts of varying fullness and length up to girls size 8.  If you have not sewn much in three dimensions, or just want some fresh inspiration for making clothes for young girls, I cannot recommend this book enough!

I also finally finished by my hand-stitched hexie quilt.  Every bit of this is hand-stitched, except for the blind back seam on the binding.  I honestly loved the hand-stitching process, but think I may restrict myself to embroidering small patches that will go into something larger, before I tackle something this large again. 

The finished quilt is 100 4" hexies, each with quilting stitches 1/4 inch inside each edge.  And speaking of embroideryproject, this quilt includes an embroidered tortoise:
Tortoises are associated with long lives, and I hope that will be the case for this little one.  The pattern for the tortoise, by the by, is a stencil by Pepper Cory, available here.

And finally, something new for my playful pirate kids!  In addition to quilts made from flags of famous pirates, I now offer tooth fairy pillows for your favourite pirate lass or lad!  These are available for sale in my Etsy shop and at select festivals:


Heather said...

t-shirt dresses are such fun items to make, so much you can do. Well done on all your projects. it always feels great to finish them.

tarabu said...

Thanks, Heather - finishing them is great, but seeing them on girls with happy faces is truly priceless!

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