Monday, November 4, 2013

Update and a new look!

After two long months of d.i.y nights and weekends, my basement was cleared out, carpet removed, and new flooring put in.  My little area has been moved and now I have a proper sewing space! 

The folding table set up at the end of the futon has been relocated to the store-room and I now have a sturdy dining table, proper shelves and a nice smooth floor that traps neither pins nor thread! 

I am terribly grateful that I have the space for the space and the family who support me having my own little cave!  I think they are just terribly grateful not to have me camped out blocking the fireplace all season, too!

1 comment:

Loni said...

Yay! Sewing is so much more fun when its not camped out on the dining room table :-)

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