Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A Ghastlie quilt

First off, my thanks to everyone who bought tickets for the USKA raffle for my Calico Jack quilt.  The winner was Jason H., who swore up and down he wasn't going to share with his kids (but we all know he will!)  My apologies that I don't have pictures of the drawing, I forgot my camera last weekend.

It was actually a bigger weekend than usual for the denizens of chez tarabu - in addition to the school picnic we had a birthday and a housewarming party to round out the weekend.  The housewarming was for dear friends who just bought their first house - a wicked adorable 1920s house, with hardwood floors, high ceilings, fully tiled shower enclosure and a cross-breeze to make anyone jealous. 

Fortunately for me, parties are gifting events and I got to make them a quilt!  I used three fabrics from Alexander Henry's 'Ghastlie' collection:

In fact, when the fabric first came out a few years ago, I immediately thought of these two and may have rubbed my hands in glee when they announced they were buying a house!  (And, as Lisa Boyer once wrote, you should never give a quilt for anything other than a once-in-a-life event, the stress of topping the birthday quilt each year is just too much!)  It's a skinny twin - measuring just about 54" x 80", and set on the horizontal it should be just right for chilly autumn nights on the sofa.

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