Sunday, September 23, 2012

WIP - Clothing Quilt

The most difficult quilts I take on are commemorative clothing quilts.  There's very little margin for error - when you have severely limited fabric supplies there's not much option for a second cut, and you are literally cutting up the tangible keepsake of a memory 

On the other hand, I get mail that looks like this:

Sometimes, I take much longer than expected to complete a quilt - particularly with novelty fabrics found in children's clothing and destination t-shirts.  In those cases, the original allotment of clothing is augmented as the young grow out of more items.  These kids probably don't know about the Mail Art movement, but there's nothing like finding art in your post box to brighten your day - and this did it for me!

It gets even better when you find lovely prints and patterns like these inside:
The finished quilt will be just about twin-sized, with straight-set 12" blocks.  The blocks will be primarily nine-patches, with an assortment of matching sets and scrappy focals.

There are so many lovely garments to work with, this quilt will truly be a treat to prepare!

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