Friday, March 9, 2012

Finish it Up! Friday - 9 March

It hasn't been a bumper week for me, but hey I have at least one bonafide start-to-finish finsh to share:
This rainbow pennant was inspired by party decorations for my friend's little boy who wouldn't pick a colour or theme because as far as he is concerned all colours are awesome!

And I've finished all the blocks for my latest bento pie quilt:

They are already coming together and I L-O-V-E them! By the time I am finished this will be a twin-sized quilt of indigo-pink-batik joy.


Kat said...

I love the bento pie blocks. How did you make them? Are they paper pieced or did you sew together long strips then cut the blocks?

Heather said...

Both very pretty projects! That batik quilt is going to be gorgeous! :)

tarabu said...

Kat - these were made tube-style (think classic Eleanor Burns methods): Sew to three-strip sets, one lt-dk-lt and one dk-lt-dk; then sew them right sides togerther on the long edges. Cut into triangles using 45-degree markings on an acrylic ruler: you'll have a triangle where the bottom is the remaining seam and the point is made by your two cuts. I get six pieces out of a standard wof stripset, four for a block and two for mug rugs.

You can find video tutorials on youtube if you search for 'tube piecing' or strip tube quilting'

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