Saturday, November 19, 2011

Squeezing in more critters for November

As much as I love the texture of a heavily quilted quilt, I also love the puffiness of a lightly quilted one. In fact, the quilt that lives on my bed all summer is one that my great-grandmother made before I was born, and which she quilted with warm wide pockets.

The quilt I just finished has a similar effect. The request was for it to finish as a very warm quilt, which means minimum quilting. The quilted squares in the center portion are set on the diagonal, and measure six inches on each side. The borders are quilted in the ditch, so they'll achieve excellent plumpiness after a dozen or so washes:

You can see the pattern well on the back - I quite like the way the corners came together, simple but strong lines:

The finished pieces measures 54" square and is headed in to the tumble dryer to start the scrunching process as I type!

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