Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Superman - super quick!

So, I was perusing the old interwebz awhile ago (last week) and found a story about a Superman fan whose collection was looted by an alleged friend. You can read the story I found here. In a nutshell, the victim is a chap who was befriended by a coworker at his part-time job, who then cleaned out his lifetime collection of comics and action figures.


Fortunately the St. Louis, MO police have their ducks in a row and are on the trail of the missing collection. If you click the link above you can find the address of Mike's family member who has graciously nominated his mail carrier to shuttle sackfulls of fan art and thinking-of-you cards.

I cannot participate in that, because if I were to attempt to draw a picture of Superman and mailed it to him, I would probably be arrested and charged with inflicting emotional distress. So I did what any red-blooded American dork with six unfinished quilts and a looming deadline would do: I set my phone straight to voicemail and drove to the fabric shop.
Four hours later a 45" x 60" sofa throw was born. As a quilter, it reminds me of the quickies we throw together after every hurricane, tornado or fire for teenagers who just lost everything (and delivers a stern note to use larger solid colorblocks). As a dork, all I see is a hug: a soft, machine-washable Superman-hug.

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