Friday, September 30, 2011

A New (to me) quilt to finish!

One of the really great things I get to do is finish quilts for other artists. I really enjoy the mechanics of quilting (even if it does give me vulture shoulders) and find it refreshing to work on a quilt I haven't known for weeks (or months). This latest top belongs to a man who inherited it from his mother when she passed. I love that he's having it finished for her as much as I love the pattern:
It may be a few decades old but it has a bold graphic design that's just right for a modern home. At 74" x 92" it's a perfect size for the twin bed in the guest room, a generous sofa throw for two or to lay width-wise across the foot of a king-sized bed.

This last image is just a little brighter than real life, since those center logs (on the diagonal) are actually an unbleached muslin. For the first time in weeks the sun was blaring her brightest this afternoon and I was not about to say anything rude that might send her back into hiding. It will be finished with an unbleached muslin backing and cotton batting and quilted in a neutral cotton thread, in the ditch along all seam lines.

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