Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Weekend Review - August 5

We had the enormous pleasure of running away to Lexington, VA last weekend for a wedding at VMI. I don't have any pics of the wedding or reception to share, because I left my camera in the car - all the better to enjoy the event and not act like a fauxtog and/or not bore my table mates with photos and video of my family.

Upon arrival we discovered that our hotel sported a rubber ducky in the bath:

This didn't make up for the incredibly lackluster breakfast options (thank the gods for bananas and Waffle House), but it did make me grin.

Being Virginia, one of the earliest settled regions in our colonial history, we could not NOT hit every antique store within throwing distance of our hotel. In an effort to curb my unnecessary commercialism I simply took pictures of the niftiest things, rather than bring them home. Things like this nifty citrus squeezer:

Or this one of many cans of water for ones fallout shelter:

This radio made me grin because it's face bore the names of major international cities and I wondered if anyone ever heard news from those regions: Strawberry Shortcake's been re-launched recently, and my girlfriend's little girl has fallen in love with her almost as hard as I did when I was her age. It took every bit of willpower I had to NOT buy her unnecessary tchochkes:

Oh, yes, and in a Starbucks on the way home, when I desperately needed the loo, I discovered that apparently it's still a part of the social venacular to refer to your bodily waste as '#1' and '#2'. Honestly, I haven't heard this in years, and here it was, engraved on a metal plate:

We got home Sunday and I took the day Monday to put up several mighty quarts of spiced peaches for the winter. My pruney hand proves that handling slippy peaches for skinning and chopping are why I'll probably never have sexy old-lady hands:

Every year I finish with several quarts of peach nectar and a couple of quarts of this gorgeous skinning liquid:

One year my preparations need to include not only flat lids for canning my creation, but several yards of bleached muslin. Because if you look beyond my reflection in the glass, that's a pretty awesome pitcher of wicked colour!

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