Monday, August 29, 2011

a little something, long sought after

One of the joys of travelling with my husband is his willingness to wander about thrift, antique and junktique shops with me. On our holiday earlier this month I happend on this gem:

A pin pot!

I've been seeking a pin pot for a while now, although I didn't know that was precisely what I wanted. All I knew was that the little lidded cardstock box I'd been keeping my safety pins in was starting to look more than a little shabby. Also: I didn't want an enamelled metal tin with a tight-fitting lid, as I wanted to get in and out quickly. (I work on some pretty thin deadlines sometimes!)

Earlier in the day before I found this I found an absolutely precious white glass FireKing dish with peaches painted on the side. It was hard to pass up, given that I love peaches in truly all their forms, even painted on glass, apparently. Alas, it had no lid, and given my kitten's penchant for pulling pins out of every receptacle - even quilts - in which she can find them, it's imperative that my pin storage device have a lid.

I'm glad I held out, because this pin pot has a lid with a perfect feature that I hadn't even recognized until I got home and put it to use. Did you notice it's handle is squared, not rounded? It balances just right on itself at about a 35-degree angle, which combines with it's inner lip to hold just enough pins at fingertip readiness!

Honestly, grandma Martha was right - Good things do come to those who wait!


Victoria said...

Really lovely! Congrats on a great find!

tarabu said...

I'm pretty tickled with it, too. And almost better than the self-supporting lid - it was 50 cents at a church charity shop! (In either a reallyl downtrodden or a really cheap neighbourhood, because the lady at the desk was surprised when I didn't want change from a dollar!)

morganskye said...

I'm so glad commented on my site because now I've found a kindred spirit!

My mom is an active quilter/crafter/adventurer, and we both go antique hunting whenever possible because I have an obscene 40's/50's fetish. I can honestly say I would have climbed over old ladies to get that Fallout Shelter water can you have a picture of.

I look forward to reading your backlog and all the forth-coming posts. :)

tarabu said...

Thanks, Morganskye! I have spent a good deal of time reading up on your now-historic adventures, too - and if the cans hadn't started to rust I might well have come home with some fallout water myself.

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