Thursday, February 24, 2011

WIE Winter 2011 quilts

It's officially nearing the end of winter - less than four weeks to go and we can trumpet the horns to welcome spring! Here's some of the lovelies that made it to the Woman's Industrial Exchange in Baltimore this week: Roman Road - hardly original, and not very true, considering those aren't actually roman squares on either side of the median, but that's what this one's called, anyway.

this one's a split Roman square - my love of strict architectural sashing is going to earn me an intervention one day!

This one is called 'This way and That' because it looks like a traffic pattern on a divided highway - some going this way, some going that way, with a field of wildflowers between them.

It pains me just a little bit that my husband likes this loud jumble best - 'But, honey, there's no WHITE SASHING!' him: 'I know, I like it better this way'

this is a close-up of the great floral grid - there were huge long (okay, 20") strips with white sashing and it desperately needed some strong orderly quilting to hold it together.

and this is the reverse of the grid quilting. Took - for-ever, but I like it!

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