Tuesday, June 1, 2010

This is what I've been doing

when I'm not quilting:

I'm picking and eating green things:

and when I'm standing in the field eating raw peas I think I'll put up with the weeds for the joy of eating organic vegetables with the dirt still on them.

Then there's this little guy - who I found in the yard this morning. He wasn't there this evening, so I'm hoping he found his way back up to the nest:
And for my sewing friends, I have to ask: When was the last time you cleaned your bobbinator? Well, if you don't remember (as I didn't), then it's been too damn long. Put down the mouse and go clean your machine's innards.

Because, honey, that's a fire hazard.


Marlene said...

fun post, hope the baby found his way home.

clare's craftroom said...

That is quite a collection in your bobbin thingy ! I love "real" peas too .

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