Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Process

I've been a bad hand at carrying my camera everywhere and documenting the steps of life - but it's a goal I hope to maintain in fits and starts throughout my days. I studied history in my youth (and by 'studied' I mean, I wallowed in the deep end of the past and got a degree historical research, which led to a day job analyzing statistical patterns of travel for a hotel management company. And now you know why I quit my exciting day job and am a temp office worker and an amateur artist, but, whatever)

So here's another kick in the pants from r0ssie, in the form of The Process Pledge. Whether it's my quilts, my recipes or my art - unless I plan to sell the pattern, I'll document the process for you here.

Of course, today I have to go to work, so you won't get anything new right now, but here's my pledge - to make a stronger effort to explain the steps (and especially the corrections!).

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