Saturday, January 23, 2010

Roller Derby - Go Mutiny!

I went to see the local Chesapeake Roller Derby team this evening. I didn't stay for the whole game (my companion was more than a little antsy and bad-tempered), but it has a lot going to recommend it - and not just because it's Roller Derby (although it is):
- They have purple 'jerseys'
- They have skullies on random garments, advertising and memorabilia
- They have women in tights
- They have men in kilts
- They have fun names like Dramanatrix and A-killa the Hon

I forgot my camera, a faux pas for which Iggy is not speaking to me. Apparently he really, really wanted to get his picture taken at the after party with the members of the team.

There was also a carnival aisle of vendors that ran the gamut from RawRevolution's vegan snacks to the NRA sports hunting club. I'm serious.

There were also a couple of artists there who had a lot going for them, but hands down, my favourite was Man Eating Flower. If I were not unemployed, I would have bought one right there, but I don't have a job at the moment, so I didn't. I will, however, be employed by huggy-bear's birthday and my filthy sailor will be getting this to hold my rum:

Actually, I'm quite taken with the lino-cut squid, but was unable to snipe a picture of that one. Stupid forgetting my camera and being hostage to the whims of the internet.

The best parts: the flasks are stainless, the images are individually printed from handcut stamps and the leathers are recycled from old clothing.

One of the other vendors was the local chapter of the Wilson Parrot Foundation. Long time visitors to my world know that I adore tropical birds, particularly macaws, and was ecstatic to see more than a dozen birds there - including three Petes! (for those new to my world, Pete is the blue and gold macaw I use for my avatar)

I made my donation and kicked myself again that I did not have my camera, because they would have gladly taken my picture with one of the birds.


Abeje said...

ooh birdies!
My dad has a hyacinth with a uh.. colorful vocabulary. I have a teil, who thankfully hasn't mastered speech. lol.

tarabu said...

Glad to hear you have a happy birding family! They really are like living with two year-old humans who never grow out of the 'mimic' stage, aren't they?

I had a friend who's great used to discipline the gold - every time poor, young, energetic Coco would get loud, the grey would say 'Bad bird, Coco. Get in your cage!'

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