Saturday, January 16, 2010

Bye, Girls!

On Thursday, a bundle of my Lillian and Ilsa dolls, including my little denim Lillian (sniff) went on their way to an orphanage in Iraq. Somehow, it didn't seem tactful to send Fred - what with his hyperencephaly and lack of arms.

Hopefully they will have the same effect as the blankets shared by Project Linus - providing both comfort and sense of having something of one's own - to kids who don't have a lot else going for them at the moment.
And speaking of Project Linus, the numbers from my chapter are in - 8,868 blankets were distributed by our group in 2009. Personally, I'm stunned!


Marlene said...

Wonderful causes, the kids will be so happy with those cute dolls and that many blankets is awesome.

tarabu said...

I still can't believe it was that many - I know sorting day each month is monstrous - and one day I did say 'there must be a thousand blankets here!' - I just had no idea the monthly average was that many!

愛的理由 said...
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