Sunday, January 31, 2010

BotD - The Lazarus Smile

This book is new to my library. It hasn't actually made it to the bookshelf yet - my filthy sailor wouldn't tell me where it was the first week, lest I steal it from him, and at the moment it's on the shelf next to my bed rather than one of the public shelves.

It's flippin' brilliant and lots of fun. Exciting in the way Clive Cussler's novels were in the '80s, when an author could put a lot of history in and not worry about whether it would get lost when it was converted to a screenplay - you know when authors wrote for the sake of writing.

And in the interest of full disclosure, this was written by a friend of mine. If you pick up a copy this week, you will have it in time to have read it before his first reading, February 28th in Baltimore. For more details, join The Lazarus Smile group on FaceBook.


SPA310 said...

I love seeing other people's book shelves. I did a post some time ago with my various book shelves. The ones in the bathrooms drew comments from people concerned about my well-being! ha ha ha. loved that. I'm going to view your other posts. About the Carrot Cheese cake, it turned out very nicely. I can't do a public recipe because my sister said to keep it private from our other sister!! But here's a clue: you can find it on the Duncan Hines site. I think next time I'll make it from scratch as I prefer that to using mixes. Back to checking out your posts.

tarabu said...

Thanks for sharing - I adore carrot cake & I adore cheesecake, so there really can't be any wrong in that recipe!

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