Friday, December 11, 2009

Ms Modern w/ Debby Arem

For those longtime readers (Hi, Sis!), Debby Arem may not be a familiar name, but you've probably seen her craft here - she makes all kind of useful accessories from recycled computer circuit boards.

And I mean usefull - bookmarks, clipboards, menorahs, pencil boxes and so on.

She's doing a giveaway this week with Ms. Modern - whose tagline - Home of the unwed and unbred - implies that those members of the species with spouses and offspring are somehow old-fashioned, stodgy, unhip and lacking in modernity - kind of irks me, but she is fun, nonetheless (probably because she never has to curb her lifestyle to pay for a sitter!)

Hop on over and get yourself hooked up to win a clipboard for yourself or someother geek in your life.

Click here for the contest link.

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