Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Colorfest! 3 days and counting

Obviously Catoctin Colorfest is high on my mind right now. It is generally my biggest show of the year (being two days with a great regional history), but may be a little better this year, as suggested by the map detail.

I was a little bummed when I got my space assignment because I am not near the LambBurger stand this year. I like being near food, because life revolves around food and it makes for some seriously great people watching.

This year, I have discovered, I am four spaces down from the apple-dumpling and ice cream stand. Should I be dismayed at the thought of all those ice-cream sticky children's hands touching my dollies? Yes.

Should I be equally excited about my proximity to apples that probably came out of a Catoctin orchard the day before - sweet, crisp and baked in a crust with a scoop of chilled pasteurized cream squeezed from a cow? He!!, yes!

I didn't get a boardwalk funnel cake this year and the universe is obviously making amends by putting me that close to the apple dumplings. And yea, I will be grateful.


Abigail Leigh said...

I totally forgot about it.....I've only been once and it was great. Maybe I'll try to go.

tarabu said...

You should totally come say 'hi' and how's funnel cake and apple dumplings for an excuse?

The shuttle bus from the various parking lots runs from 8 to 6 both days.

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