Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Who makes up these silly things?

I received an e-mail from the online florist I use (sorry, small-town America, I use an on-line florist - but it does support regional nurseries, so I do not feel like I am single-handedly responsible for the downfall of our moral fiber) last week telling me that yesterday was 'Do Something Nice Day'. I mean, really? It was also my birthday, so I ran a poorly publicized sale in my Etsy shop and bought an orchid for my office full of flu-ridden invalids, so I suppose that counts as nice.

The point of this rant, though, was - who makes up these silly things, and what should I make up to try and start a trend of my own?

I am thinking I need to be the driving force behind 'Calm down, slackers won't ruin your career' day. I happen to know it drives my coworkers crazy that I would rather doodle or go to comic-con than go to a conference related to our work and until today I had not used the words 'career path' since approximately 1992 when I asked a careers counselor why he thought I needed one.

Also, blogtoberfest could be fun. I mean, it has long-standing cultural connotations of beer (almost never bad) in conjunction with the modern influences of rocktoberfest and spooktoberfest. Perhaps next year I should do like the Pagan Soccer Mom, get my smack in gear and run a themed month of goodness on my blog in October.

hmmmm.. . . . .

or perhaps my innate slacker will win out and Iggy and I will spend the month finding great joy eating carrot cake cookies, drinking tea well after bedtime and wondering why we never seem to be organized enough to participate in these things.

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