Friday, August 14, 2009

Purple Love

It's no small secret in the universe that I adore purple*

Fortunately, I am surrounded by people who adore purple, too. For today's purple love installment, I suggest you click here and take a look at some gorgeous salvia, photographed by Miss-Snowmantle.

Seriously, when the book market revives, I'll totally buy a coffee table book (if reasonably priced!) of her casual snaps. Which are usually better than what I make a concerted effort for. sigh.

*and zombies, and sexy romanticized film pirates (even erol flynn!), and convoluted epic poems, and haiku and harajuku fashion and teenybopper manga and peaches and giant skirts and the feel of linen and sensible shoes and basil and purple onions and clean sheets and boar's hair brushes and I'm wondering how long I can run a twitter marathon of things I adore .. . . .

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