Friday, August 14, 2009

. . . but I am not angry!

I am, apparently, a member of the angry pagan horde, however! MrsB has inaugurated a weekly showcase, where she directs her band of merry followers about the internet to one of the more than 300 blogs she follows on a regular basis.

Today, barely in time, I visited Luke Sidewalker, promoter of the original get rich slow scheme.

I have officially signed onto to his get rich slow plan, with updates to come every week. Since I now have a day job in an office in the city that involves walking down city streets, it will not take much effort for me to become a Sidewalker, too. In fact - I began last week in my parking lot and did not even know it happened! Of course I am being vague about what this get rich slow scheme is, but that's because I want you to go to his page and find out for yourself. I'll start posting my get-rich-slow progress on Monday!

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