Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Pirate Purse

A few weeks ago a tummy bug left me in the irresolute position of leaving the television on for nine hours and having the futon occupied for the entire time as well. What does one put on television for nine straight hours? Why, the Disney Company's Pirates of the Carribean trilogy, of course!

I, of course, have a variety of skully fabric, and a book with the lovely title 'The Importance of Being Ernestine' - together they were demanding to come together in a Pirate Purse. Because really, if my name were Ernestine I would probably run away from home, looting and pillaging and taking out my angst on the unsuspecting people of Kingston Bay.

Having said that, I am just tickled with the way this turned out!

The back reads "Damn to the depths whatever muttonhead thought up 'parley'" and "That would be the French"

The inside includes my usual slash pocket, deep pocket, and privacy flap.

Unfortunately, there is a little bit of damage to the cover, so unless you are willing to pay for that, you will just have to wait for me to find another title with silver foil on the spine to make one for sale. (and if you do want to buy the first tarabu pirate purse, even with a little damage, just let me know!)

There is a Gold Dust bag and a spirograph bag in the works, as well, stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

totally cool! Can you make a coupon organizer in this fabric?

tarabu said...

Soytenly - I have enough left for that!

Anonymous said...

would be lovely! How much?

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