Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I told you you would not believe it . . .

It is my general policy not to talk about my personal life here. In most cases, the only people who care what I ate for lunch today or where I went drinking for the holiday are the people who were there with me and probably do not want to be reminded of our adventures.

Today calls for an exception - today I tell you that I have chickens in my yard. I do not live in Key West; they are laying hens, kept because I intensely adore hen fruit.

Mabel laid an egg today that fills my paw. You think I am joking, don't you? I had to go out and buy a dozen 'large' eggs at the grocery store just to offer a comparison to the world. Yes, I may be showing off just a little. Mind, they do not lay this big every day!

That's one of Ginger's eggs on the left and Mabel's in the middle, and the sad bleachy malnourished store egg on the right.

For further perspective, I offer you the George's-eye-view:

That's right - it's obliterating all of George, all the way over to the 'N' in 'ONE'


Karen said...

How cool--chickens!? Where do you live? I'm in Monkton and I think I'm zoned for goats, but my neighbor has chickens. I would totally get some if my house weren't for sale (I don't think potential buyers dig them much.)

tarabu said...

I am a wee bit farther out than that - we are zoned for anything and everything (if they weren't so damned expensive I would indulge my little girl fantasies and get a pony!)

Bette's Bags said...

Oooohhh, poor girl!

Walk in the Woods said...

Mabel gets the blue ribbon!

Thanks for your sweet comment and kind encouragement on my blog. I hope you can join us for a future show!

toni tiller said...

happy chickens lay big eggs with really hard shells, mabel must be in a good mood.

i have been wanting chickens for awhile, i used to have a pet rooster i adored, but i travel too much right now to care for them properly. it's a shame, having chickens is better than TV.

tarabu said...

It is true that they are some awesome cheap entertainment. It has rained every other day the last week and they have been having a grand time getting soaked and digging up worms.

UPDATE: Mabel's giant egg was a double-yolker!

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