Thursday, February 19, 2009

Original - Affordable - Yarnworkers Supplies!

It is time for an under-$20 gallery of supplies for yarnworkers - some for knitters, some for crocheters, some perfect for both. Why? Because sometime you want to give a gift that is actually useful and is also not a duster.

So, away we go:

We'll start with some knitting supplies (I will learn to knit, seriously, this year I mean it!)* from SouptoKnits - worth shopping there just for the fun name!

Of course, you will need to know what size needles Aunt Matilda uses before you get a pair for her birthday, but it will be worth the sneaking when you present her with a pair of handpainted, varnished birch needles with hefty, polymer clay ends.

What? You do not have an Aunt Matilda? Well, then what about your cousin patty, who has taken up needle felting cute little woodland creatures, or maybe tropical fish? Whatever her penchant, SouptoKnits offers some glorious rovings, in all the colours found in nature.


Now we turn our attention to SlippedStitchStudios, who have a great variety of supplies for the knitter in your life - or yourself, when you are in the market for support products, rather than direct use supplies.

Whether you are just starting to collect multiple sizes for multiple projects, or you have so many needles hanging out of your project bag that sitting on it would be the equivalent of sitting on a hedgehog, SlippedStitchStudios can help you organize that mess.

There are plenty of purveyors of organizers out there - I make them myself, but I am particularly fond of these, because they offer a double row of pockets and really wide channels. As a crocheter, the handles of some of my hooks are pretty fat, and that is one of those features that can make a useful product a necessity.

But wait, there's more!

This set would be the perfect gift for that tweener in your life who has just started to knit. Including a set of care cards for handmade gifts, a pair of fabric covered magnetic pattern markers, beaded stitch markers, and a handy little tin to hold everything. The tin even includes a magnet in the lid for holding spare safety pins, yarn needles, etc.


Our last stop on this journey is at the shop of TwiceShearedSheep, offering more thoughtful gifts for the yarncrafter in your life.

Let's start with a gift tin set of stitch markers and row counters:

You get your choice of colors in delightful, lightweight (and snagfree) stitchmarkers coordinated in a handy tin.

And if all that seems a little too personal - what with figuring out what size needles to get, or what color stitchmarkers (although you can never have too many stitchmarkers, no matter the colour), then pick up a pack of adorable notecards! You might even get one back with a 'Thank You' inside!

* yes, it does kill me to sometimes end with a preposition.

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