Friday, February 20, 2009

Original - Affordable - Stationery

I have a bit of a crush on Amy Sedaris, who still does not have her own website, but she does have a fabulous book (I like You: Hospitality Under the Influence) and one of the recommendations I totally agree with is that stationery, address books and stamps make great gifts for Housewarming, Engagement and Graduation gifts.

And as someone who knows that your child's schoolteacher absolutely does not want to receive another mug or teddy bear holding a bag of candy, I can say that an attractive box of notecards makes a lovely alternative.

Below you will find my recommendations for sets of gift cards - ranging from six to fifteen pieces, including monogram options, all for under $20.


The following two selections come from Miscelena, and would make excellent Housewarming and teacher's gifts, respectively.

The following two selections come from TrendyCards and showcase some of the available custom options. The first and more formal would make an excellent (and unexpected) engagement gift and the lighthearted informality of the second offering would be ideal for a tween girl (when you do want to give a useful, appropriate gift that does not feed the HSM3 machine)

KootiesCloset offers these:

. . . . . . . . . an ideal housewarming gift for that friend who adores his shag carpeting!

My last suggestion comes from AgathaArts, a stout collection of fifteen custom cards with matching initialled envelopes:

Certainly when you give a gift like these, there is no excuse not to receive a 'Thank You' in return!

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Ophelia Miller Boutique said...

These are wonderful gifts which are so much better than store bought cards and stationary.

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