Saturday, January 31, 2009

Rachel Gurney - my freaky Valentine

I'm in love! Well, I've never liked taffeta and I think roses smell funny (beautiful to look at, great in the garden, but smell funny) so when Valentine's day rolls around I find myself looking for things that make me happy. And silly women with huge brains full of fabric and mushrooms and pictures, oh my! make me happy - oh yes, and so do little monsters.

I though it was about time to share my favourite mixed media maven, Rachel Gurney. I adore mixed media work, although my efforts in that direction have been baby steps. I cannot help but fall elbow-over-tea kettle for Rachel's composite masterpieces of fabric, marker and line-by-line shading. Simple, silly, beautiful creatures in technicolor housecoats with charming monster companions.

Here's my top three beautiful ladies:

Part of the fun of her work is playing a game like those old 'Highlights' magazine picture puzzles - which of those fabrics did grandma have for sheets?

If you can look upon them without smiling (or better yet, grinning) I wonder that you might have something missing in your life. And if you cannot afford the original, petition the artist for a print (you never know, she might do that just for you!)


Autonomous Artisans said...

Oooo thank you for sharing Rachel's work. It's fabulous!

tarabu said...

Very glad you like them - I think they're adorable. Oh, and you're my Sunday morning coffee review - what a wonderful collection you've got going: the tangents of shop after shop made me smile!

Toni Tiller said...

these are charming! you might like the work of my friend Braidy Hughes too.

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