Friday, January 30, 2009

Nightmare Anthology

Whether you want to be inspired to drag out your charcoals, or you are just looking for a piece of art that is not a bowl of fruit, Nightmare Anthology can help. There is so much in this catalogue that I adore, I cannot pick a favourite, but I will narrow down my suggestions to my top three:

A lovely sketch of someone forever waiting - whether a stalker or someone who was stood up that lonely night, long ago, I don't know. Although the closeted romantic in me wants it to be a faithful lover waiting for someone who will never come.

And I love this pair of bookmarks. First of all, I love bookmarks. I make them myself because I use them and they are such an easy thing to collect - easy to store, transport, and relatively cheap to acquire. If you are a hoarder, I can think of few things as reasonable to collect as the humble bookmark. Especially if they are this creepy-cool.

And the piece de resistance. If I did not have a bookcase at the end of my hall, something like this might well find it's way into that position. Unfortunately, there's very little wall space left in my home for art - between my own and the excess of bookshelves. What is your excuse for not buying this charming piece?

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