Monday, November 3, 2008

Shop the Exchange

I currently have a few pieces on consignment at the Baltimore Woman's Industrial Exchange, including:
and ;

as well as a couple of other blankets, unfortunately I don't have particularly good pictures for those.

The Woman's Exchange was founded shortly after the American Civil War, as a forum for women to discreetly sell their wares and earn for their families without a large outlay for a retail presence.

The Exchange is located at 333 North Charles Street, Baltimore, MD 21201 and can be found online at

It's a tiny shop, jam-packed with a fabulous mix of traditional and contemporary creations - from smocked dresses and sock monkeys to jewelry made from recycled records.

The Exchange is also home to Sofi's Crepes and will soon open the Dogwood Cafe in the tearoom. Stop by for a mid-morning coffee, a browse and a fabulous lunch in the creperie - but take layers. Sofi's cooks on open grill-tops; which means you can both see exactly what's going into your giant savoury crepe (spinach and gruyere, anyone?) and it's just as hot for you as the cooks!

You may not be keen on outdoor seating this time of year, but inside is just as great - bright, loud, and cheerful!

You can find more about Sofi's, including the full menu and other locations at


SapphireChild said...

Interesting. Have you done consignment with them before? I've been considering something similar, but have never taken the plunge. I always wonder what happens with the items while they're out of my care.

tarabu said...

This is my first season consigning with them - Miscelena actually recommended them to me. Their fees are comparable to other shops (30-50%) so I don't know how some people make any profit off the goods there. There's the general stipulation about no liability for damage or theft, but they are good about keeping small things like jewelry and bitty chotchkes at or behind the counter. I'm keen to see how this holiday season goes!

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