Monday, November 10, 2008

Monday Morning Smoke Break

In case you've just joined us, the point of the Monday Morning Smoke Break is to give you a blog or shop that's worthy of a 15-20 minute browse. Smoking tobacco is so bad for you in so many ways - the only value to the smoke break is that it gives you an excuse to get up and away from your desk for a few minutes to turn your brain off and re-boot. If you can't get away from your desk, at least get away from your TPS reports for a few minutes.

Today I suggest a visit to:

Located at, katie runnels has put together a fabulous collection of artists and products created from recycled, repurposed, and just cool techniques, materials and styles.
There's ample illustration of the work of each artist and links to their shops, because when you realize that's exactly what your cousin Regina would die for, you need to buy it now!

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