Monday, February 29, 2016

Ships, Ahoy!

These quilts are for a pair of siblings, and are made with the Ahoy! pattern by Christine Stainbrook for Project House 360, available here

The finished pattern is roughly 48" x 60".  In the pictures below, one is made with Blast Off! Collection fabrics from Connecting Threads, the other with fabrics from the Splash! Collection by Alex Anderson for RJR Fabrics. 

Center Panel, Blast Off! fabrics

Center Panel, Splash! fabrics
I really rather thought if there were any difference between the two, the quilt with the Blast Off! fabrics would be the slightly larger of the two, but thanks to the wonder of shrinkage, it wound up being smaller.  There are a couple of hiccoughs in the pattern design worth mentioning:
- the 'wave' applique template measures 18" wide, as does the kelp fabric selection in the pattern fabrics selection, however the center panel is written to measure 18.5" wide
- all applique pieces are reversed, with the exception of the boat hull, you will need to reverse it yourself for it to line up with the wave properly.

If purchasing fabrics based on the pattern list, add an inch or two to the kelp (or don't worry about it if you have a fat quarter with a 'wave' on the 22" length).  You will have plenty of leftover fabric to make coordinating pillow cases.

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